Unroll the Blessings PLEASE! #15reasonstobegrateful

How many blessings can you count in this picture?

Look at this beautiful and warm picture and tell me that you cannot see 1001 reasons for gratitude… after all pictures are worth more than 1000 words.

From the excitement to the warmth and togetherness, there’s a lot of gratitude to be seen in this picture and so I will help you by giving you 15 things I am grateful for from just this picture alone… Yes 15. I know you probably could have guessed about 5 but since I’m in the picture, I’ll help you with the rest!

We take nothing for granted and are grateful for everything!

15 REASONS that I am grateful just from this one pic.

  1. I am in the picture and I can see myself right now, not from the heavens but here on earth and now…
  2. As I look at myself in this picture, I see a happy Tosan, one that is joyful and grateful
  3. I am also holding literally holding 2 of my blessings in my hands
  4. And another took this picture…
  5. Just look at Josh, he’s having the time of his life! He actually looks like he’s on a rollercoaster! LOL. He’s having lots of fun and who better to share it with than his family that I happen to be an essential part of.
  6. Look at Karen, she’s enjoying the play induced by her brother… though that is sometimes scary, considering they are a good number of years apart, in this moment frozen in time, I am grateful that she has a great relationship with her brother.
  7. Someone said I looked like their sister, Yeah, I know… you can argue with your phone… but hey, I have just the right energy to participate and play with them before I disappear! And that is evident in this picture.
  8. This Picture was taken on the 25th of Dec, 2020. A year that was fraught with lots of illnesses and deaths, COVID-19 even hit home, but here we are hale and hearty and not in the hospital on this beautiful Christmas day… (I can write a book on just this point on why I am grateful)
  9. As mentioned in point 8, we were not in the hospital, not one of us, not the whole family, we were at a 4 star hotel resting and spending quality time together as a family for Christmas.
  10. That the photographer, my husband, was available both mentally and physically to be a part of this moment is cause to be grateful. That he wasn’t too busy or that we didn’t have to beg to apply…
  11. Did I mention that our Hotel stay wasn’t a free gift, one we paid for. That we were able to afford it, I am grateful.
  12. Just when my business in the events industry was gaining momentum, Covid hit! That I did not go mad just from the mental assaults on how to find/make money during the year or the dwindling alerts in my bank account, I am grateful… or do I look mad to you… anyway, madness no dey show for face these days… but I certainly aint mad cos my mind is clear enough to recount these blessings.
  13. That we could all SEE… see the view, smile and look at the camera, I am grateful.
  14. That we could sit, since you can’t really tell that we can walk (we can, by the way), albeit ‘unstill’ to capture this moment that has led to this post.
  15. That I am still alive and well even in the New Year to write this… this girl is definitely grateful!

There’s always so much to be grateful for… if we’d only PAUSE to note and appreciate them.

What moments are you dissecting for Gratitude points???

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7 thoughts on “Unroll the Blessings PLEASE! #15reasonstobegrateful”

  1. Its indeed a thing of joy to be alife to celebrate not just you but as a family. Despite all the troubles and panic that enveloped the world, the lord saw us through. We are grateful and do not take his grace for granted. Shalom

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  2. Waooo! Joshua and Karen his sister are really growing fast. If not that you are right there with them ma, I wouldn’t have believed they are this grown. I think that (Rapid Growth) is another 16Th reason to be grateful for. Also, the grace of God over our lives (Doing With ease what others can’t ordinaryly do)

    Thanks so much ma, for opening my eyes to gratitude to God.

    High regards ma –Greetings to the family ma

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  3. Thank you for sharing, this post made me count my blessings. I didn’t get the whole 15 but I got a sizeable number. Gratitude is a MUST! God will continue to bless and keep your family and we will always have cause to be thankful.

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