I’m the one that came back…

1001 reasons to be grateful, I am the one who came back to say thank you.

Sitting alone in my room with the cool wind blowing gently against the window sill, I’m quiet but my mind isn’t.

My mind is racing; about my goals, coming up with different options on how I can achieve them.

My brain is on over drive, yet I’m still not convinced of my options; then I stumble on a picture I took earlier today in my new gym wear which was so cool and served as motivation for my training today – I’m training for a marathon (even though I’m still on the 10k bit).

The clothes were not what caught my attention even though I was going to post a picture of them on IG, it was my vision board right behind me in the picture that I zoomed in to see.

And there it was, 2 of my goals now achieved, yet to be struck off my list…

And in that moment, I realized that I’ve been so caught up in my current challenge to notice the blessings that were in front of me…

Dear Lord, I just want you to know that I am grateful. I believe you see my desires… scratch that, you placed them in me, and when I made the vision plain, you brought them to fruition when I wasn’t fussing over them.

Today, I am back to say thank you Lord. I am truly grateful.

Have you missed a moment to be grateful? Has your current challenges obscured your view of your blessings in disguise? Pause in this moment and be grateful.

#grateful #gratitude #gratitude0015

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