I am Confident

I’m confident in Christ 1001 reasons to be grateful

Today was quite calming. I had actually planned it over the weekend, so it felt like a breeze.

I was patient with myself and every obstacle I met along with and I made some people smile by giving them gifts.

Today is one of those days that should be etched in history but I’m not a ‘date’ kinda person. I’m sure I’ll remember everything else that happened than the date. But why is today so important?

Ok… point of correction, today being in the history books is for my journey and not necessarily that of the world.

It’s just one of those days that you take those giant steps that lets you know that you are now entering the giant’s territory and will soon become one.

Today, I am grateful for the courage as copied from Joshua and Caleb and the support from loved ones.

I already feel like a winner even though you all may not see me looking like it till a few months down the line.

I trust God, with His help I can run through a troop, with His help I can scale a wall.

I am grateful for the confidence those words give me.

My Swag!

Are you feeling courageous today? Are you feeling scared but moving forward anyway? Are you confident in your source that fear is intimidated by you?

Do share your grateful moments and thoughts in the comments.

#grateful #gratitude #gratitude0014

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