I know He cares

For a small business like mine – Red Skys Media, getting all the publicity and client attention is super important especially in the early stages; and what better way to do it than with Social Media.

For me, Social Media is Instagram to be specific. So when after a month of starting my business page, my web address got blocked on IG, I was worried. I mean the goal was to promote the business through the website link on IG, as a lead for prospective clients. Now what was I to do.

I tried to be optimistic by focusing on promoting the business on IG & FB since those were my only options. Then I got locked out my account,¬† and I couldn’t recover my password. The codes wouldnt drop on my phone or email. This took another 2 weeks.

I was beginning to feel stuck.

Then one night, I just decided to drop a DM for Redskys Media from my personal account… just randomly. With no intentions.

The next morning, I got a reply to my DM!

I was surprised! Apparently I had also given my husband access to the account and he got the message. That was how I was able to get back in to the account, but only through his phone which was barely available during the day.

That meant that it still wasn’t convenient managing the page. I kept trying to retrieve my account to no avail.

It was already 3 weeks…

Yesterday, I tried again and this time, it went through. I got access back to my IG account.

I was relieved, happy and grateful all at once.

I’m sure I prayed about it because of the peace and the patience I had during this.

I am truly grateful for this… I am reminded that He cares about the things that I care about.

Are you grateful today???

#grateful #gratitude  #gratitude0012

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