Are you smiling solo???

I missed out on sharing my gratitude list with you yesterday, work was a lot and my juices were flowing!

But that didn’t mean that I didn’t have things to be grateful for. In fact, having inspiring work that kept me up and pushing for 18 hours is a testimony on its own.

That I found the motivation and drive to keep working and not complain, I’m just quietly smiling…

You know that smile that you can’t really share with those feeling sorry for you having to work that long; cos they don’t get that you are having too much fun making sure the world felt your impact and all of your creativity for that day.

I’m smiling as I write this.

I hope you find work that inspires you, stirs you on the inside and makes you wealthy…

For finding engaging and inspiring work that pays me well; and also for the strength to give my all, I am grateful.

So what are you grateful for? That thing that is making you smile solo cos others may not just get it…

#grateful #gratitude #gratitude0011

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