Love is a beautiful thing 😍

It’s another blissful day to be alive.

And yes, I’m grateful for life but that’s not the reason I’m writing today, it can be a bonus though.

I’m am excited to have experienced some highs today…

I received an unexpected and generous gift.

I made massive progress in some of my open projects.

I tried some new things and I seem to be getting a hang of them.

I could tell that I was happy… I didn’t have to arouse myself… and even though I wasn’t motivated on some projects… I still had a great day.

I am grateful because I received love today.

It is one thing to know you are loved and it is another to be SHOWN that you are loved.

I did feel loved and it truly is a beautiful thing.

Thank you Jesus for loving me tooooooo much.

So, over to you. What are you grateful for ?

#grateful #gratitude #gratitude0007

2 thoughts on “Love is a beautiful thing 😍”

  1. I’m grateful for new opportunities that are coming my way. I’m grateful for the health of my loved ones (none missing, none broken). I’m truly thankful for life.

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