Gratitude and Your Comfort Zone.

Today, I asked my friend who has always being an entrepreneur for as long as I can remember a question about how she managed to transition her mindset from being an employee to an entrepreneur/business owner as I was still adjusting to this transition even after 15 months.

Unfortunately she couldn’t help me much because for her, she started out as an entrepreneur before trying out being an employee (which didn’t last) and back to being an entrepreneur/business owner.

I have no doubt transited physically, my office has changed, my worked hours changed, even my work environment has changed, but sometimes I feel like my mind is either being slow to catch up or being like Lot’s wife looking back at the things she was going to miss; or like the Israelites who always made reference to the good times they had in Egypt whenever they faced a challenge during their exodus.

Sometimes I miss my comfort zone, other times I’m excited at the challenges and the freshness out there.

Also my bank account sometimes reminds me of where I was…

Thank God, today is not one of those days!

Because Today, I’m grateful for being paid to solve other people’s problems.

I am grateful for time outside my comfort zone, lessons I’m learning and who I am becoming.

Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…

#grateful #gratitude #gratitude006

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