For the love they give… so annoying!

My kids have been at each other’s throat for a while now, and having everyone home due to the COVID-19 pandemic makes it seem like we are at a stadium sometimes.

I can’t sit at the table because my hubby is always on the phone making calls – he’s working from home, and that is a huge distraction for me.

I make my office in the room with my flexible table top, but then, I’ve got kids who either want to keep me company or want me to resolve an argument or just check out their progress in a game.

Sometimes, I’m able to lock them out, other times, I allow them in for a few minutes before the noise levels jump off the roof.

No matter how many times I repeat, that mummy needs quiet, it doesn’t last a minute, so I chase everyone out so I can get my work done.

It can be endearing sometimes and other times, just irky.

As for today though, I chose to be grateful for my kids. I mean I love the quiet and all but my new quiet now involves the sounds from them whether from a close range or a distance.

I am grateful that my kids are well, hale and hearty.

I am grateful that there’s love and laughter (and some yelling and tears) in my home because of the kids.

I am grateful for the privilege to raise them and love them unconditionally.

I’m truly grateful even when I’m irritated by their nuances. 😊

What irritating person or thing are you grateful for?

#grateful #gratitude #gratitude005

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