Passion, Persistence, Grit and Mental Strength.

I woke up late this morning, managed to get my meditation in. Spent some time with my kids and voila it was already 10am. Whew!

And the sun was out today, so there was no excuse not to go for a run today.

It had been 4 days since my last run and 2 days since I exercised. So, I just had to show up today.

I was reluctant to head out alone and late in the morning, but I knew that I didn’t have all day to make a decision and I couldn’t add another day to my no-run days.

So I went for my run… Did my 5k run, legs stretched and all but grateful.

My run made me grateful for winning the battle of mind over body. It made me grateful for my feet. Sometimes I wish I could show them (my feet) more love than a pedicure or foot massage.

It made me grateful for my passion and persistence. Someone I didn’t know had just passed by me and after we exchanged pleasantries, he said – Welldone, you’ve been at this for years!

I laughed out loud.

I mean, I don’t look like I’ve been running for years – maybe because it’s been off and on, but I can tell you that it has improved my mental strength and belief in my ability to do difficult or seemingly impossible things.

And for that, I am GRATEFUL.

What are you grateful for?

#grateful #grateful0004

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