Are you wrong again?

Have you ever wondered if the decision you made was right???

Sometimes we are able to make those tough decisions in spite of how we feel and what others might think about us.

Other times, we are just a mess, allowing our emotions mess with our heads or allowing some kind of pressure make us ignore what we know is right for us.

And it doesn’t stop at making those decisions considering that you sometimes lose sleep right after, afraid of being wrong.

The harder part is staying true and standing by your decision.

It can feel lonely when you are the only one that understands your decisions. It’s a lot better when you can clearly express yourself and your decision, but then not everyone will get it.

That makes it difficult and sometimes lonely to stand by your decision. Some days you stand and other days you fall.

Today is one of those days that I stood.

Today, I am grateful for the strength to stand by a difficult decision I made. I am also grateful to have support which made it easier for me.

Sometimes it’s those unexplainable things that makes us grateful. Today is one of those days…

#grateful #0002

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