How long would you like to live for?

The other day, I got the news of the death of an Industry colleague whom I admired so much but was not close to, yet the news affected me.

I felt the loss.

I wondered why I felt it that much since we were not close; and I came to the conclusion that She reflected the ideals and values that I loved and wanted to live.

She passed on when she was just 40.

Her death reminded me of the transient nature of life.

I was reminded that I could NOT spend my life doing things that didn’t resonate with my core.

I was reminded that I cannot ‘manage’ things without a deadline.

Life is too short to spend it living a sad, boring or unfulfilled life.

Today, We celebrated my Father-in-law’s birthday – COVID Style.

He is 70 years.

As we celebrated with Him today, I am grateful for the strength and grace to steer my life in the direction of passion, heart, happiness and abundance.

I am grateful for my Life as it is right now and even more grateful for what it would be in the next few years, let’s not even talk in 35 years when I celebrate my 70th.

What are you grateful for today?

#grateful #0001

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