1001 reasons to be Grateful by Tosan Alimi

The title of my first book!

Scratch that! I have written three books and this ain’t one of them. Yet I still see it on my vision board.

I should feel sad right… Disappointed and guilty maybe…

I mean I probably started writing this Book over 3 years ago… and I still somehow haven’t finished it. Yet I stopped to write and publish 3 books!

Oh Wow!


Thankfully I feel absolutely fine!

I don’t feel sad

I don’t feel disappointed or guilty.

I feel GREAT!

In fact I feel excited about not haven written this book before now.

Why? You may wonder.

Because this blog would never have been born.

I would not have started this blog and you would not have gotten around to reading this.

This could easily be you about something you’ve been putting of for a while even though you feel really endeared to it; Keep calm… You will be ready when the time is right.

It’s so easy to see negative things happening to us and around us and it can get overwhelming. Infact, you don’t need to look for bad news, bad news travel really fast. And like a snowball, it can transform into something worse quickly.

It is important to keep your eyes on what is working… In every situation, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Pain and other emotions may prevent us from recognizing this, which is why we need to make our gratitude obvious and laudable.

1001 reasons to be grateful is a collection of reasons for which I am grateful.

Starting this blog will help me share more of my grateful moments with the world and probably help someone else stay hopeful, positive and connected.

Thanks for following my blog and feel free to share your stories of gratitude too.

Tosan Alimi

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